Turn your expertise into interactive services that farmers actually use

Guide farmers from sowing to harvesting, helping them reduce risk and build livelihoods.

Create a fairer and sustainable future for global agriculture.

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Farmer accessing advice to improve their yield through their phone

Don’t just reach farmers. Make a difference.

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Your farmers are ready.

Farmers need your expertise to adopt new practices. Create farm-level impact at scale by giving farmers the information they need, exactly when they need it.

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Your expertise creates impact.

Access, Engage & Understand


Build a direct connection. Communicate with farmers globally in their language on any mobile device.


Drive behavioural change. Help farmers adapt new practices with timely, actionable content.


Continually improve your success. Learn from your farmers at scale and track key metrics.

How it works

Go global, stay local.

Support multiple countries, languages and needs

Translate your service to multiple local languages.
Make your service available in multiple countries.
Deliver content through voice, SMS and WhatsApp.

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Understand and evolve

Measure impact by capturing feedback and insights

Analyse key metrics impacting user acquistion, retention and satisfaction.
Understand which practices are being adopting using surveys.
Build stronger relationships by providing customer support via SMS.

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Be there, even when you’re not

Drive adoption by delivering timely, actionable information

Build conversational chat-bots with no technical expertise.
Trigger dynamic messages to deliver advice exactly when it’s needed.
Segment your users and deliver hyper-personalised content.

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Customer Stories

“Partnering with Climate Edge enables us to deliver a seamless, real-time experience to our farmers. Our soil test sales continue to grow and farmers are delighted to see their test results and recommendations through a simple SMS.”

Jeremy Cordingley, CropNuts CEO
Jeremy Cordingley CEO

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