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Climate Edge operates as a social enterprise, reinvesting over 50% of its profits into achieving its social mission. To learn more please contact us at info@climate-edge.co.uk

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Climate Edge

Everything you need to manage your farming organisation online


record keeping

Save 40% of your staff member's time by automating your data reporting process.

Field Guide is compatible with all leading certification audits including Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance standards.

Field Guide

Everything you need to manage your farming organisation online, in one place.

  • Hassle free audit reporting

  • Instant messaging to all farmers

  • Access cutting-edge agronomy

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What we do

Climate Data

We specialise in gathering relevant, farm specific, climate and production data

Data Analytics

Through big data analytics and scientific research we help adapt farms to the changing climate

Tailored Support

We can support climate smart adaptation within agriculture through bespoke projects, led by our experienced team


Made for Agriculture

The NEXO is designed for you.


Our simple and robust weather station measures the key climatic variables relevant to crop growth, at an affordable price.

We specialise in sending data remotely, even in the most challenging environments!


Tailored to your needs

We know the importance of collaboration.


We see a world where information flows freely and everyone has access to the tools needed to build stable businesses.  


Through our expertise, we support local, regional and national projects aimed at preparing agriculture to the pressures of a changing climate.