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Climate Edge operates as a social enterprise, reinvesting over 50% of its profits into achieving its social mission. To learn more please contact us at info@climate-edge.co.uk

Climate Edge c/o Makerversity

Old Post Room

Somerset House

Victoria Embankment

London, WC2R 1LA


(+44) 07714523869

Meet the Team

James Alden

Business Development

I have always been drawn to working in the agricultural sector, considering issues like the potential population crisis or vast disparity between producers and consumers. Co-creating Climate Edge was an obvious choice for me and I instantly recognised the significant positive change that our work could have on all aspects of the supply chain.

Paul Baranowski

Operations Manager

I am fascinated by the process of taking scientific research and turning it into practical changes in how we approach and solve problems. Alongside the other two co-founders I recognise that there is an urgent need to improve the way that smallholder farmers can adapt to the changes they face. Through Climate Edge I am able to develop modern tools and approaches to facilitate that adaptation.

Peter Baker

Scientific Advisor

During my more than 35 years of professional experience in research, training and consultancy in the area of science for development I specialised in coffee and its production from social, economical and environmental perspectives. 

Gabriel Brückner

Product Designer

Climate Edge pairs scientific research with design and technology and makes this combination accessible in a smallholder farmer context. Looking at the bigger picture whilst providing an implementable solution is a real game changer in agricultural practices, and I am excited to be a contributor to this transformation.