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Visiting the Planters of Southern India

This autumn there is a lot going on here at Climate Edge: we are starting to ship units of the first batch of the latest generation NEXOs and we are going on at least 5 different trips all around the world for projects, conferences and events. I am writing this post from the mountains in South India were we have been invited to the 125th anniversary summit of the United Planters' Association of Southern India (UPASI) with the inspiring title: Winds of Change.

The conference was a meeting of planters and agricultural professionals mainly from southern India but also with guests from all around the world with the aim to introduce new technologies, methods, machinery knowledge in order to help UPASI and its members to embrace a future

As part of a Panel on Climate Change, we were invited to present our innovative solutions to data collection and farm management. Also on the Panel were Chris Whitebread, Manager Tea Markets Transformation from Rainforest Alliance and Dr. Jagdish Krishnaswamy, who researches Hydroecology.

The Setting for the conference could not have been better: The Hill Station of Coonoor is nestled in the centre of one of Indias biggest tea growing region, the Nilgiris. The city is surrounded by waist high bushes of tea that stretch over the rolling hills like thick, bright green blankets as far as the eye can see (in the misty mountain weather).

The day after the conference I had the opportunity to visit the Rainforest Alliance certified Chamraj Tea Factory with Chris Whitebread and Ashok Batra from the Rainforest Alliance. The factory is over 90 years old and produces some amazing orthodox style tea that we got the chance to try after a very informative tour of the fascinating tea processing facilities.

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