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Boost training uptake - Make it easy!

In this series of “Make It” we are exploring impactful behavioural research and helping you apply it to smallholder agriculture. Each week we will focus on a specific insight and show how you can use it to help the smallholder farmers you work with succeed.

Today we will focus on our first principle - Make It Easy.

The idea of removing friction from a process has rapidly gained traction in big tech. Unsurprisingly this holy grail has become uniquely focused on making transactions seamless - anyone who has tried to unsubscribe from a service will know what I mean! However, with a good understanding of the basics we can put this principle to good work - making it easy for smallholders to take the actions they need to succeed.

To see this in action let’s take a look at some research published by the UKs Behavioural Insights team, or “Nudge Unit” as it is affectionately known. In 2018 They were tasked with the unenviable job of encouraging people to pay their taxes. For a full picture of their work I recommend giving their full paper a read, but today we will focus on how one simple step increased tax repayment by 4%.

So how did the Nudge unit create this dramatic uptick in tax repayment? Rather than send users to a page which contained the tax repayment form (just one click away), they sent users directly to the form. That's all. By experiencing the process for themselves the insights team realised that they were forcing users to take the superfluous step of searching for the form rather than taking them straight there.

So how do we take this principle and apply it to smallholder farmers? Well, the first lesson is go through your processes and identify where you can do the work for the farmer - don’t leave them searching for forms! Managing a smallholding is incredibly complex, and the more you can simplify your training the better.

To choose a timely example, if you are supporting farmers to protect themselves against Covid ensure the farmers know on what day they can pick up the PPE from their cooperative.

Doing this at scale is a challenge and therefore organisations such as Kagaari North are using Climate Edge’s platform to ensure that all of their farmers know exactly when the Covid PPE was available to pick up at their factory. In their own words:

“Today we issued the covid 19 items and had a 65% turnout in the first factory! Looking forward to completing the first factory tomorrow”

If you would like to use Climate Edge’s platform to make it easier for your farmers, and boost training uptake then get in touch with the Climate Edge team here - we’d love to help!

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