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Client Showcase: Producers Direct

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are extending our collaboration with Producers Direct into 2021! Producers Direct are an award winning NGO working across East Africa and Latin America. Climate Edge and Producers Direct have enjoyed a strong partnership over the past few years, partnering on a number of major projects to digitise smallholder farming in East Africa, including the World Bank funded Digital Farm project, and a digital fertiliser tool for tea farmers in partnership with Innovate UK, Cranfield University and Unilever.

Producers Direct have joined forces with Climate Edge once again in 2021, this time as a client. Producers Direct will be utilising Climate Edge’s digital service delivery toolkit to launch their digital diversification training programme. This will support ongoing service delivery taking place on the ground, to help prompt farmers to make better use of their farms: improving incomes and providing food security. Climate Edge’s platform will automate the delivery of messages when farmers need to take action, enhancing decision making for farmers. This automation and digitisation of training materials is especially useful during the Covid pandemic when delivering face-to-face services is limited, but when issues around securing incomes and food production become all the more pressing to smallholder communities.

This collaboration stems from a project funded by Innovate UK, exploring the use of SMS to continue delivering valuable Covid and crop diversification advice to farmers when face-to-face interactions were not possible. The results were extremely positive, with nearly 70% of farmers saying that they had acted upon the advice provided.

With such a positive reaction, we are eager to continue expanding upon this work with Producers Direct into 2021. We will be expanding beyond grant funded pilot studies to a sustainable and scalable tool which can reach all of the farmers in Producers Direct’s network.

If you are interested in hearing more about Climate Edge and Producers Direct’s work, or if you would like to learn about how you could benefit from Climate Edge’s service delivery toolkit, please get in touch at or visit our website at

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