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Climate Edge on the IFAD Podcast - Paul talks about service delivery to smallholder farmers

Climate Edge is addressing problems which are felt by an audience which typically does not have access to Internet Media and therefore also not a very strong presence on it: smallholder farmers without access to the internet or technology

We don't hear much about the challenges that these farmers face on a daily basis, even though they are really the foundation of local and global food systems. According to IFAD there are some 500 Million smallholder farmers and over a quarter of the worlds population (2 billion) depend on them for their livelihoods. source

In this edition of the IFAD Farms. Food. Future podcast Paul presents what we do at Climate Edge, what relevance it has for small producers and how we work with agricultural organisations to improve smallholder farmer's access to vital agricultural services.

He explains the importance of these services and how they could increase farm income by over 80% while having a beneficial impact on the environment by optimising irrigation schedules, reducing yield loss, ensuring most efficient use of pesticides and other inputs, and much more.

90% of smallholders in Sub-Sahara Africa have no access to any agricultural service and one reason for that is, that currently only very few services are actually available in emerging markets. This is mainly because Technological Infrastructure is the main driver to scale these services, but most farmers in this environment don't have access to computers, smart phones or even the internet. So without this underlaying infrastructure services cannot scale in Western Africa like they would in the UK.

Thats what we are trying to change: The Climate Edge SaaS platform lets service providers scale their services in these markets using alternative channels which smallholders can access more easily: an intuitive chatbot interface that works via SMS or Interactive Voice Response and does not depend on internet access and computers.

This can easily be applied to many different services like crop insurance, crop diversification, weather alerts, fertiliser recommendation, irrigation scheduling, pest alerts, market price information, digital receipts and much more.

Paul was on the Podcast alongside Meike van Ginnekken (IFAD), Shawn Baker (USAID), Antonio Rota (IFAD), Apoorva Oza (Aga Khan Foundation, Earthshot Prize), Alex Jovy (MyTree) and Teófila Betancout (ACUA Foundation).

Listen in to hear the full broadcast, Paul's interview starts at the 20:45 minute mark.

Here is a link to the podcast and to IFADs website:

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