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Using technology to tackle the devastating coffee berry borer

CABI, Cafexport and Assimila are using Climate Edge’s platform to develop, test and scale an early warning system which can help to prevent a coffee berry borer outbreak.

The expert team at CABI have developed a mathematical model which uses climatic data collected from IoT weather stations and satellites to predict when the pests leave the berries and become vulnerable to CABIs bio-pesticide. Giving farmers this alert dramatically improves the efficacy of the pesticide and greatly reduces the number of spoiled berries.

The project is funded as part of the UK Government Prosperity Fund with the objective to “Realise equitable gender opportunities to improve smallholder coffee livelihoods using advances in digital technology.” CABI is developing the bio pesticide which offers an alternative to chemical solutions and they are also building the mathematical model to predict the best timing to spray; Cafexport are organising the research and trial in the Caldas region in Colombia; Assimila is providing the necessary earth observation data which drives part of the model; and Climate Edge is combining these components into a scalable service that can be delivered to thousands of coffee growers.

The model is still in its final development stages but today a group of 20 female farmers who have been working with us to test and develop the solution will start receiving a series of text messages with useful information. Over the next two months, they will receive tailored advice through Climate Edge’s platform on how to work with bio pesticides and ensure correct and safe application.

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