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Create Impact

Grow Revenue

Work with us to bring innovative
services to the farm
The Climate Edge Platform makes integrating digital capabilities seamless for service providers working with smallholder farmers.
Licence your model on our platform, we handle everything else

Agri-Service Providers

We can host agricultural models directly on our platform or integrate API endpoints to scale services to a whole new audience.

Banana farmers in Colombia have

access to an irrigation model developed by Cranfield University and delivered with data from Environment Systems. read more

Improve resilience to
pest and disease

Farmer Organisations

Provide your farmers access to services created from cutting edge research

The James Hutton Institute offers a potato late blight alert services on

the Climate Edge Platform

Get access to the most important information for farming: the weather

Farmer Organisations

We work with weather experts to provide location specific forecasts that make planning farm management a breeze.

Weather Impact provides state of the art weather forecast via API which we deliver to farmers

as an SMS.

Are you an Agri-Service Provider looking to offer services or a Farmer or Farmer Organisation looking to access services?
Here are some of the benefits we offer:
For Farmer Organisations
Award winning services

Access services from leading service providers, from world class research institutes to innovative agri-businesses.

Digital profile

Use our tools to manage your member network digitally and collect useful information remotely.

Mobile payments

We accept payments directly from mobile wallets. Empowering farmers to subscribe independently to services.

Powered by SMS

Any farmer with access to a feature phone

can access the services.

For Agri-Service Providers
Simple data integration

We integrate with leading data providers. Power your model with satellite, weather station, farm production data and more.

Deliver to a growing Network

Our expanding network of thousands of farmers could be a completely new customer group.

Accept Payment directly

License your service through our platform and we handle all payment processes on your behalf.

Communicate directly

Through our SMS gateway your services will be effectively delivered straight to the farmer.

Work with us

If you have a service that you'd like to scale within the smallholder market or if you are interested to provide a group of farmers access to services, send us a message and our service team will be in touch to explore potential opportunities.
You can also reach us at:

Thanks! Message sent.

Service providers we are working with

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