JustDiggit uses Climate Edge to reduce their SMS costs by 35%.

Through effective communication, Justdiggit inspires, educates and empowers thousands of subsistence farmers and pastoralists in Africa to start regreening their own land, improving their livelihoods and benefitting the global community.

Active users


Active users

Delivery success


Delivery success

Cost reduction


Cost reduction


Justdiggit is transforming the way smallholder farmers can enhance the quality of their land, delivering water conservation and re-greening training to over 70,000 farmers in Tanzania alone. Training is delivered physically during workshops and awareness campaigns, and remotely via SMS.

With such tremendous user growth came a major obstacle: ever-growing SMS fees. Justdiggit was paying thousands of euros each month in SMS fees to implement their remote training. As a result, it was critical to the company’s bottom line to reduce these fees where possible.


Climate Edge’s design and development teams consulted with Justdiggit to identify opportunities to optimise its payment flow, and develop a strategy to implement the highest impact cost savings initiatives.

Justdiggit knew that not every message was being received by farmers, and if they could just target active users, they would be able to drastically reduce their ongoing costs. Many invalid phone numbers were contained in their database either due to the farmer switching SIM card, inactive SIM cards, or short codes being blacklisted.

Climate Edge set up an automated SMS delivery report to identify consistently inactive phone numbers, so that these could be removed, whilst retaining numbers that indicated active farmers in regions with low phone connectivity. Therefore allowing us to prevent inactive numbers being targeted, and significantly reducing SMS outlay.


Through this approach Climate Edge identified that 35% of numbers in the Justdiggit database were currently inactive, having not been analysed for over 5 years. As a result we were able to cut their SMS costs by 35%.

Numbers are considered inactive when they have not successfully received a message for 3 months or more. Through this approach we have also seen a 30% increase in the average message delivery success rate from 50% to 80% for any given single message. JustDiggit can now save this money and invest it into other areas of the organisation to help smallholders prosper.

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