Scheduled SMS

Plan messages - Communicate effectively - Organise content

Schedule your SMS messages in advance and keep organised
with content groups that meet your smallholder's needs.

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Communicate exactly when needed

Organise and schedule your content in advance to ensure messages
are delivered to smallholder farmers precisely when most needed.

Schedule messages in advance

Pick a trigger and write your message. We’ll take care of the rest.

Start simple by scheduling messages by date. Explore further, and create truly tailored content. For example, build a custom onboarding sequence that is triggered the moment a farmer's contact is added. Don't see the trigger you need? Get in touch, we've probably got it covered.

Scheduling an SMS message for a smallholder farmer via SMS
Planning SMS content in advance

Plan your content with ease

Map out your content for the entire year. Job done.

Build a crop calendar by scheduling messages around key dates. Digitise your training content and remind smallholders to implement new management practices. Reactivate farmers when it's time for them to re-purchase your services.

Easily edit and update messages

Continually improve as you learn more about what your smallholders want.

Add, edit or remove messages at any time and get your whole team involved in the content creation process. Keep everything organised and efficient by grouping your content based on the subject-matter.

Use Cases

Crop Calendars

Schedule messages across the cropping season to remind smallholders of every action they should take when they need to take them.

Extension Services

Generate detailed training content to help smallholders uptake best practices when physical extension capacity is limited.


Schedule tailored reminders at key periods in the season to prompt smallholders to purchase your product again, or to take an action.

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Bulk SMS

Reach remote smallholders using affordable and accessible SMS.

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Where we operate

Our Farmer CRM offers the best bulk SMS services for organisations with farmers located in Kenya and Tanzania.

Interested in our agriculture CRM but your smallholders are located outside of Kenya & Tanzania? We’re always keen to expand our services into new geographies so, let’s chat.

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We do more than just
bulk SMS.

From reaching new smallholder farmers, to delighting old ones, our
farmer CRM helps you and your smallholders grow better.

We'll be here to assist you every step of the way.

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