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Generate Leads - Build Awareness - Organise Farmers

Grow your farmer base organically. New smallholders can independently sign up to
your services and be automatically added to your database.

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Grow your audience organically

Reach more farmers by using unique SMS codes. Let your expertise speak for itself
and allow your farmers to share your code with other smallholders within their community.

Generate incoming leads

Take advantage of inbound and grow faster.

Grow your organization by building meaningful, lasting relationships with farmers. Every service is assigned a unique code, and any farmer that SMSs this code to you will automatically be added to your database.

Smallholder farmer subscribing to a service via SMS
Smallholder farmer using SMS to subscribe to a service

Advertise your unique code

Reach farmers in a new way.

Advertise your unique code on the radio, posters or billboards. Or use word of mouth and let farmers share the code with their friends. Alternatively, use a different code for each campaign and compare which one generates the most leads.

Deliver tailored content.

Give your farmers what they want.

Don't rely on generic messaging. Organise your contact list into services, and give each farmer more of what they want and less of what they don't.

Sending tailored SMS to smallholder farmers and pastoralists

Use Cases


Use your unique code to market your products to farmers remotely and generate sales leads.

Farmer Registration

Collect farmer data from the field and sync it automatically to your farmer database to reduce admin time and costs.

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Helping you get results.
We do more than just SMS.

From reaching new farmers, to delighting old
ones, our smallholder engagement platform helps
you and your farmers grow better.

We'll be here to assist you every step of the way.

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